Make a manifesto

A Manifesto?

Hello, hello – hopefully you are reading this because the choir is sparking a bit of interest? Maybe this is the choir you have always been waiting for? Maybe you’ve never had a go before? Just say NO to those nagging doubts or other reasons you might invent that will stop you trying the first session. We would love to see you there.

Maybe this will help.

A few years ago I worked with Sväng – an amazing harmonica quartet from Finland.  As full time professional performers they lead a fairly hectic, travelling lifestyle – but they managed to counter this by writing their own hilarious manifesto for living. Here are a few of their suggestions:

   + Thou shall eliminate all alarm clocks in thy household
   + Thou shall entertain thy friends over a nice three or four course meal at least once a month

They end their manifesto with this one…

   + Thou shall sooth thy ears and thy mind with nice music unknown to thee before

I’d quite like to make our own choir manifesto!

If you are just about to register (on the join page), can you also send us a suggestion for the Love Music Community Choir Manifesto – funny and / or serious.

Hope to meet you on the 5th February.