Be Curious

We have set a clear programming direction for our new choir. Seek out and sing music of all styles inspired by the great artists and music featured in the Usher Hall season. For our first set of songs, I have taken some inspiration from these spring concerts:

In my wanders through this mixed up musical canvas, I think I’ve managed to turn up some nuggets of real beauty.

The folk revivalist Richard Thompson is the inspiration for a new choir arrangement of a 19th century political folk ballad first released by Thompson in 1970s – ‘Blackleg Miner’ – hard-hitting words and a bold simple melody that will sound amazing with 300 voices. I am also working on another Thompson original.

Taking a lead from the American festival, I have been exploring some blues soaked Americana, revelling in the extraordinarily soulful sound of Odetta, and also excited to discover a stunning little African American lullaby.

Last but not least, we are going to treat ourselves to the elegance and classic charm of classic Rogers and Hammerstein.

And looking forward a bit…

Blondie is playing at the Usher Hall later in the year – oh yes! Looking forward to hearing your suggestions for our choir interpretation of a Blondie classic?

See you at choir!