Do I need experience?

One of our great strengths is to provide quality support for both accomplished singers and first step beginners. We think there will be more than enough to challenge and excite all kinds of voices with all kinds of previous experience! During the choir sessions, you will have the opportunity to develop good singing technique, listening skills, singing in harmony, and reading music if you want to.

Do I need to know how to read music?

You don’t have to read music, but there will be opportunities to do so, or to start to learn if you wish.

What age range is the choir for?

We would love to have a choir that embraces all ages of singers! If you are under 16, please ask an adult to accompany you. They can either join in or watch from the side.

How will my membership contribution be used?

It costs £5 per week, payable termly in advance (£45) – which includes 9 x 2 hour rehearsals. Your membership cost will cover professional fees, accompanists, piano tuning, library work, management and administration costs incurred by the charity, press, marketing and concert planning. And – of course – a few hours of fun! We also have a choir fund to support individual membership for people who might not be able to afford to participate and to support our outreach programme.

Can I come for a taster session?

We will fill any available places before the start of each term. If you’d like to come along to try us out for a week, please do drop in (£5 donation suggested!), but remember there is a waiting list for permanent members and you should join the list if you’d like to come every week. If you do come for a taster session, please make yourself known to our helpers so we know you are in the building with us – all choir members sign in each week.

What kind of music will we sing?

Great music from everywhere and in many different styles.

Will we also perform at the Usher Hall?

Yes – we hold events near the end of each term. We will also be looking for opportunities to take our work into the community in ways that will benefit others.

Can I support Love Music Community Choir in other ways?

If you would like to help out at choir sessions, please arrive early and make yourself known to one of the current helpers. Sometimes there is music to hand out or specific seating directions to give to people as they arrive.

The choir also appreciates help with marketing for its end of term events, so spreading the word around your communities and friends to help sell tickets will always be appreciated – we would love to perform to a very full Usher Hall! Our next concert details can be found on the Usher Hall website.

If you can afford to pay more than the suggested donation we would welcome any further contributions via our Just Giving page.

Please put us in touch with colleagues in local businesses or companies that might be interested in supporting our outreach and community engagement plans.

What else will I get from the choir?

The health benefits of singing are both psychological and physical, reducing your stress levels and releasing feel-good endorphins. We aim to give you a weekly life-affirming, emotional lift!

We also provide opportunities to join in with additional participation events that Love Music produces throughout the year.

Register on the join page to be kept in touch with our plans!