Our aims in year 1

The scale and size of the choir is ambitious, beyond anything that exists in Scotland. The financial support of the Usher Hall and the City of Edinburgh Council is vitally important, but we also need to keep the membership of our choir at a significant level to ensure its survival.

Our target membership by the end of the first two terms was 185 singers. We have exceeded this number by a huge amount and in our third term had 300 singing members. It seems that Edinburgh needs a choir like this! To date, over 1,000 people have registered their interest in singing with us.

We will leave space within the choir to fulfill our obligations to represent Edinburgh’s diverse communities.


These were our aims for the first year:

  1. The choir will become self-funded without needing to rely on external financial support. This is an important strategy for self-preservation, especially in financially unstable times.
  2. To begin a city wide outreach programme, providing support and help for individuals and groups from Edinburgh’s diverse communities to access our work. We believe that a fully inclusive project needs to assume civic responsibility and take direct action to achieve these aims.
  3. The city will know who we are and take pride in what we do. Edinburgh is a great city. The Usher Hall is a majestic and important venue amongst world stages. We think they both need an astonishing, visionary community choir!

We have commissioned a researcher to help us evaluate how we’ve done over our first year and will update this page soon with their findings and some new aims for the future.